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July is shaping up to be Netball month in South Africa, with many tournaments and events for netball lovers around the country to get excited about. It all starts with the South African Schools Netball (SASN) U17-18 Telkom Junior Championships at HS D.F. Malan from 9th to 14th July, followed by the DSTV U19 Challenge at HS Dr. E.G. Jansen from 21st to 23rd July.

But if you thought the action ended there, you'd be mistaken, because ending the month off will be the Vitality Netball World Cup. The Spar Proteas will be taking on the world in their backyard, as the tournament is hosted in Cape Town from 28th July to 6th August. You can catch all the action LIVE on SuperSport Variety 4!

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Credits: South African Schools Netball

Credits: South African Schools Netball

Credits: South African Schools Netball

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Here For Her: Breaking Barriers

The recent fight for equality in sports has really shown improvement in giving female sports a platform to be viewed and seen around the world. In the past, male sports dominated airtime on TV networks worldwide, and they still do. However, what has been really encouraging to see is the growth of women's sports and the increasing availability of streaming and broadcasting.

This development can only benefit future generations of female athletes worldwide. Here at SuperSport Schools, our goal with #HereforHer is to shine a light on female sports, particularly at the school level. With the expansion of professional women's sports, we believe it is crucial to showcase the future stars of women's sports, allowing viewers and supporters the opportunity to witness their development into world-class athletes during their school days.

With viewership increasing in record-breaking fashion during women's global tournaments like the FIFA Women's World Cup and ICC Women's Cricket World Cup, we hope that the Vitality Netball World Cup will experience a similar rise in popularity. We can only aspire to see this trend continue in the future, ensuring that many of the girls playing in schools today get their #TimetoShine both today and tomorrow!

Coming later this month on 216!

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